A FEW DISCLAIMERS! i'm seventeen turning eighteen in september. my memory sucks so i may forget to (tone) tag some things sometimes! the only thing i will not tag is food mentions and that is for my own personal reasons i am not comfortable disclosing. i self dx with adhd, depression and anxiety after lots of research, i am unable to get a proper diagnosis due to multiple reasons that aren't any of your buisness. please make sure you message me and let me know before you hb or sb.
DO NOT INTERACT IF! basic creiteria (racist, lgbt+phobic, proshipper etc), 13 or under, interact with these people (list on fllwing only! ask for list), kin any dnf kins, kin/cc anyone on my gatekeeping list, use anything other than she/her for arashi narukami and he/him for naoto shirogane. can't/won't tag my triggers/squicks ship kohaku with any of the rest of crazy b and/or madara.
ASK TO FOLLOW IF! you share my ask to follow kins. always ask to follow. let me know if we share any mutuals so i know where you came from.
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